Serving Our Community

Here are some of the ways Industrial Four has been involved with our general community…

Helping out The Waterbury Police Department

The Waterbury Police Department sponsors an annual  bike safety awareness clinic for the children in the community, held at the Historic Train Station.  The donation that Industrial Four made to the Police Department (2014) made it possible for every child to get a new bicycle helmet at the event – which included learning proper road safety as well.


The “CHaD Hero”

The “CHaD Hero” is a fundraising event for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. Industrial Four has been part of the Neonatal ICU fundraising team in honor of our special “Super Hero”.

For more info on the event visit

Run Vermont

yamscram1Susan has served as a volunteer on the “Run Vermont” race committee for many years, with direct responsibility for the youth events that occur each Memorial Day weekend, and that coincide with the “Vermont City Marathon”, Vermont’s largest running event.  “Run Vermont”, a non-profit organization has developed “Youth Awareness Month” or “YAM” which culminates in the annual “YAM Scram” running event the day before the marathon.  Susan, a longtime runner herself, is seen here with 1984 Olympic Gold Marathon winner Joan Benoit-Samuelson, the guest motivational speaker at the YAM Scram and marathon event in 2014.

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